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I love coding.
I am lucky to know several programming/scripting languages (Pascal, Basic, Elan, Prolog, Logo, Java, MySQL, PHP, Visual Basic, JavaScript, JQuery) and I am also good at HTML and CSS


JQuery & Maths

Pages where you can learn Maths

Useful pages about Maths, I can also show you my programming skills.


Little examples for my students

Not completed or fully equipped pages, only ideas focusing on the code not the design.

Moodle Demo site

Be my guest and look around

Courses, activities, demos, showcases, manuals, tricks & tips and a lot more...

Moodle reports


To be able to find anomalies and be proactive or simply just run different reports on Moodle Database


JQuery & Maths

A few examples related to Maths and also show off my programming skills:
canvas, draggable, droppable, fadeTo, hide, addClass, toggleClass, animate

Teaching JavaScript

Very simple pages to introduce possible solutions and new features to my students while we were having fun as well. The design was not important at all.


Use the arrows and the space bar to control the spaceship

Drag & Drop

Hungarian words and English meanings, the typical drag&drop

Guess the number

Guess a number between 1 and 10 with a twist


Find the right order for the numbers (Drag&Drop)