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Fun facts

  • Born in Mór
    Spent my childhood in Kincsesbánya 
    Lived most of my life in Székesfehérvár 

  • In case any one is wondering that's Hungary! And also the reason why some of the links and the blogs are in two languages or only in Hungarian.

  • Spent most of life as teacher/professor; an absolute IT ninja (as you can see).

  • Blessed with two fabulous children.

  • Moved to Scotland several years ago.

  • Tall, weird sense of humour, creative in a mathematical kind of way and Mensa member.

  • Speaks fluent English and of course Hungarian.

  • Last but not least: I am a happily married gay man.

  • I am a Hungarian & British (soon) citizen.


  • Qualified in teaching Mathematics, Chemistry and Computer Science with strong complimentary IT/IS skills.

  • Natural communicator with the ability to work independently as well as part of a team.

  • Familiar with numeric information.

  • Creative, excellent problem solver.

  • Able to work well under pressure, tenacious attitude, pays close attention to detail.

  • Strong on relationship management, nurturing best practice.


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Altough, this website is here to support my professional life, it wouldn't be complete without a wee personal content ;)





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